Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Running for Sam's House

Team Sam's House completed the Detroit Free Press marathon last Sunday. It was gorgeous day (in the high 40s) and spectacular route except for the stiff head winds we faced for about half the run. My brother John, brother-in-law Tom Lundin and I ran the full marathon. Sister Julie Lundin ran the half--without breaking a sweat, I might add.

We ran with Sam's House shirts, kindly donated by Irwin and Ruth Rothchild. We had the website on the back of the shirt--on the risky (and somewhat faulty) assumption we would be ahead of more people than we would trail. Or was it that we thought people behind us would be more likely to donate than those who raced past? Nonetheless, we did get a few inquiries throughout the race to which we responded as much as breath would allow.

The route crossed into Windsor, Canada for three or four miles then returned through a tunnel beneath the Detroit River. Remkarkably, we teamed up with Julie at mile 5. She had been forced to start from a different lane for half-marathon runners. We thought we wouldn't see her until the end, but she spotted us coming over the bridge into Canada and waited for us so we could have eight miles together.

But now for the important details... We raised approximately $2,300 for Sam's House, which equates to roughly a month's operating costs: food, salaries, tuition, rent, and other expenses.

And that term, "operating costs" is closer to becoming "actual operating costs" each day. With the marathon pledges and other donations, we are on track to reach our fundraising goal and open in January 2007. Dinesh, our director in Nepal, has reached a rental agreement for a home in Pokhara (pictures to come).

The donations received for the race will go to support 15 orphaned or abandoned children in the coming year, giving them food, shelter, education, and best of all, the caring support and security of a home.

Like all of our fundraising efforts to date, we did not run alone... On behalf of everyone at Sam's House (and Team Sam's House), we'd like to specially thank the following people for their support:

Darla Dackiewicz
Jim Wojtkun
Lisa Dauderman
Sara Green
Mike Strauss
Stephanie Bane
Dave Morawski
Stephanie Landes
Sarah Melamed
Chuck Hurley
Corie Dimagard
Howard Landau
John Buchta
Craig Riner
Cathy Hunt
Jack Goldsmith
Mike Rotella
Jeff Harris
Dan Fauver
Dave Prusak
Joe Gaulzetti
Tom Rossi
Dana Moses
Margaret Atkinson
Tim and Jennifer Atkinson
Kathy and Mike Kraft
Pat and Bill Lundin
Gene Clair and Sue Audey
Wayne and Denise Dannels
Irwin and Ruth Rothchild
Jon Rothchild, Charlotte Radler and Theo Rothchild
Maureen and Tad Androsik
Dave and Patty Blanchong
Dave and Amy Arrighi
Sheila Brennan and Ian Bird
Carole Butler
Anne and Steve Noonan
Carlise and Steve Stembridge
Audrey and Roger Mark and Family
Jennifer and Tamler Sommers
Jen Lund
Brook Miller and Chrissy Kolaya
Wendy Hyatt
Jennifer and Brad Deane

Thank you, thank you, thank you...

CB and JR

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