Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Rummage Sale Success!

The rummage sale in Bay Village netted $8,200 for Sam's House, a figure that surpassed everyone's expectations. For anyone who's ever participated in a garage sale, I think this would be an impressive figure. More than half that number came from donations!

We are all the more overjoyed then considering that $8,200 equates to three months of operating Sam's House. Imagine that: two days of work resulting in three months of shelter and food and education for needy children.

Of course, calling the rummage sale "two days of work" shortchanges the people who worked on it for months ahead of time, either collecting donations, designing flyers, renting space or publicizing the sale.

Then there were the Herculean efforts: Bill Lundin who drove to Alliance and back on Friday night for tables; Mike Kraft and Moe Androsik who entertained and provoked shoppers with their hilarious banter; Marge and Katie Forshey who sorted and priced thousands of items; Jen Forshey and Johnny Butler who drove all over the greater Cleveland area to collect rummage; Jennifer Atkinson and Kathy Kraft who tamed the mountains of donated clothing; Susan Lowe, Carole Butler, John Butler, Julie Lundin and Cathy McPhillips who spread word far and wide. And many, many others, not least of all the hundreds of people who donated goods to the sale.

Speaking very personally, the sale was a heartwarming experience, reminding Jennifer and me of how lucky we are to have such an incredibly generous family and group of friends. People we hadn't seen in months showed up to donate huge amounts of time, energy and money to help Sam's House.

Based on the sale's success, and current donations, we are planning to open Sam's House in January 2007. It will be an absolute privilege to take your generosity and turn it into a loving, friendly and nurturing home.

Because we cannot possibly find words to express our gratitude to everyone who helped with the sale, please accept this list as evidence of our heartfelt thanks and appreciation. We keep you in our thoughts and close to our hearts at all times...

Moe and Tad Androsik
Jessica, Olivia and Alexandra Androsik
Tim and Jennifer Atkinson
Michael and Marcie Atkinson
Colleen Atkinson
Margaret Atkinson
J.D. Aylward
Bay High School cross-country team
Sheila Brennan and Ian Bird
John and Carole Butler
Johnny Butler
Kevin and Catherine Butler
Dan Enovitch and the Bay Village Parks and Recreation Department
Eileen Fisher
Jen Forshey
Katie Forshey
Marge and Jim Forshey
Danny Forshey
Jeff Gallatin (Westlife newspaper)
Tom Harkness
Bonnie Hunt
Arlene Inks
Patty and Steve Jankowski
Java Bay coffee shop
Sheila Kako
Jenny and Joe Knap
Kathy, Mike and "Senator" Ted Kraft
Don Landers
Karl and Susan Lowe
Christopher Lowe, Cameron Lowe and Linda Ho
Mike and Dennis Lowe
Julie and Tom Lundin
Bill and Pat Lundin
Tammy and Mark Lyons
Coletta Malloy
Wanda and Bob McNeil
Cathy and Jim McPhillips
Laura and Sean O'Reilly
Amy Seeley
Patsy Skelley
Dick and Marcia Wren

Love to you all,

CB and JR

The marquis in front of City Hall. Posted by Picasa

Tom Lundin and Tad Androsik apply the latest marketing arrangement theory to the furniture section. Posted by Picasa

Jim McPhillips and Kevin Butler man the bake sale station.  Posted by Picasa

Cousin Catherine Butler and Jen face the onslaught of buyers. Posted by Picasa

Evelyn Lundin spreading the word about Sam's House. Posted by Picasa

We had so many donations, the furniture section had to be moved outside. Posted by Picasa

Room 2--the night before the sale. Posted by Picasa

Room 1--the night before the sale. Posted by Picasa

Cousin Sean O'Reilly looks suitably impressed to find a price tag among the piles of donated clothing. Posted by Picasa

Carole Butler reluctantly stopping work and posing for a photo. Special thanks to Susan Lowe (design) and Julie and Tom Lundin (donation) for the Sam's House t-shirts. Posted by Picasa

Jen Forshey directs table traffic. Posted by Picasa

The 5,500 pound sleeper sofa, responsible for three hernias and five fused disks. Deftly handled here by the strongest man in North America. Posted by Picasa

Mike Kraft contemplates a purchase. As lead barker, Mike was responsible for nearly all the sales on Saturday. Posted by Picasa

Members of the Bay High School cross country team volunteered invaluable hours. Without them we'd still be unloading. Posted by Picasa

Brother-in-law Tom Lundin tests out a mini-trampoline before approving it for the showroom floor. Posted by Picasa

Brother-in-law Karl Lowe hands items to Marge Forshey, our in-house rummage sale expert. Posted by Picasa

Cousin Olivia Androsik helps with the unloading. Posted by Picasa

Jen Forshey unloads the first truck of rummage at the BayWay Youth Cabin. That is an original Atari game system lying at her feet. Posted by Picasa

More signage. This one in front of the Lowe's house. Posted by Picasa

Pricer-extraodinaire (and lawyer) Katie Forshey labels masking tape. Posted by Picasa

Jen hides behind a skein of Christmas lights. Early in the process: sorting the rummage. Posted by Picasa