Saturday, July 15, 2006

Official Website!

We're pleased to announce that Sam's House now has an official website (, open to the public, and chock full of information about our organization and plans. We also accept donations through the site (had to mention it). Please click the name in the Links sections of this page.

We have many people to thank for getting this website together, including Susan Lowe, Sheila Brennan, and of course, all our trustees. Paula Tsai ( designed the site and Andy Geyer provided the coding for the web. And special thanks to Mike Knowlton for connecting us with Paula Tsai (

We hope this will provide a boost to our fundraising efforts. We'll continue to use the blog, but the site will have important news about our progress and plans.

Currently we are halfway to our fundraising goal of $85,000. We also have another $5,000 pledged. We are hoping to meet our goal by the end of this calendar year.

Please check out the website to learn more about our rummage sale planned for this August in Bay Village, Ohio.

Love to you all.

CB and JR

1 comment:

mff said...

The website is fantastic. Congratulations on crossing this big milestone. We could not be more pround of both of you. And, we look forward to celebrating next month. - jen