Sunday, June 04, 2006

A Story Good to Remember

In some of our earlier posts we have mentioned that orphanages do not have a good reputation here in Nepal. Many people, out of connivance or need, take in orphans as a way to make money and not necessarily for the good of the children. Oftentimes the board members and workers for orphanages personally benefit from the largesse the organization receives. We visited a few places like this last year.

Here's a story from the Daily India about some children discovered in an orphanage in Humla district, in the far northwest corner of Nepal.

This is another reason why we feel so lucky to be working with Dinesh. Transparency is extremely important. There are only a few orphanages in Nepal that are above the fray in terms of respect and skepticism.

Thanks so much for the comments. We love hearing about what you're doing back home, if only a short detail.

Two days ago and much of yesterday it rained. We stayed inside working and reading and went to the Rajbhandaris for dinner. Today it is lovely. We'll be getting out for a walk shortly.



mff said...

Greetings from the northcoast. It is bright and sunny here today and the air is swarming with those Canadian soldier bugs. We had a nice time at the Three Rivers Art Festival this past weekend in Pittsburgh and acquired some new art for the home, including a piece called "Zombies hate penguins."

We collected all the leftovers from Margie's massive garage sale last week for the Nepal Sale. Donations look promising and Marge continues to provide her snippets of advice -- the woman could write a book on this stuff. We are planning on holding a summit meeting where she can give a lengthy debrief.

Please continue to stay safe and well.

xoox jen

Carole said...

Hi Chris and Jen, That Oliver Twist story was so sad. I'm glad they were taken care of. Having Dinesh and Rekha is surely a blessing.

Julie and the "ladies" are coming for dinner. All day pot roast! Love, Mom

Jeff Napier said...

Hi y'all! My first visit to your blog, and I love it! Chris - got your e-mail today about the Maruti Gypsy, and it was great to see the pics. I think the Maruti made Car & Driver's 10 Best last year, but I could be wrong. I look forward to reading more. Take care.