Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Leaving Pokhara

Today is our last day in Pokhara. Sad to be sure, but we know we'll be coming back again, so not too sad. We'll miss the Rajbhandaris most of all. Every night we get to play with Diksha and Ritesh and have a great meal before heading home. It was the perfect way to end each day.

Yesterday we had a meeting with Visma Raj, the director of Namaste Children's Home. We met with him last year. They have a wonderful orphanage, and one of the few of good standing in the community. Right now they have 59 children, but only have room for six more in their present location. Their waiting list for stands around 400. He has asked that we come to him when Sam's House is ready to open.

Unlike competing businesses, Visma was all too happy to share information with us. More than once he said, "Like us, you care for the children of Nepal and that makes us very happy!" The children at Namaste House are indeed very happy--which is the best sign of how an orphanage is run. When we stepped into the lobby, all the children quickly greeted us with namastes and then shyly hovered in the corners, smiling at us.

In addition to the orphanage, Namaste House also support a scholarship program where they raise money for children in poor families to attend schools.

Tomorrow we return to KTM. It will be a hectic few days as we make the rounds to see people. Already we have dinner plans for three nights and a movie planned with the Karki boys and Munu. We are looking forward to all of this. Also, when the World Cup games begin, the Hotel Tibet will be placing a large television in the lobby for better game viewing. As most of the games don't start until late in the day Nepal time, this will make for some interesting nights ahead.

We'll write more tomorrow, but from KTM. Thanks for your comments.

Love, Chris and Jen


John Butler said...

Glad to hear that your trip seems to be ending on the upswing. Sorry to hear of your previous trouble with the US Embassy, and surprised to hear of yet another instance where the US has people handling foreign policy who are clearly not concerned with anyone's interests before their own. Lord knows that the current administration leaves no civilian un-injured in their quest for freedom.

Hope you have fun with Seeger and travel safely back to U Mo. See you in a couple of months unless I'm in prison for injuring Ann Coulter. You'll recognize us at 468 Lake Forest as the teeny, tiny house perched on the enormous pile of rummage.


mff said...

The house is accumulating quite a bit of rummage with more on the way. It's truly amazing how much people enjoy giving to a good cause. I am glad to hear that you will have proper viewing of the World Cup. Zooey and I have World Cup fever. However, the third member of our household thinks soccer is not so much of a sport (apparently the players wait around a while for the ball limiting the athlete quotient). Since Zooey is a fan, it must be this person who keeps dropping my highlighted World Cup schedule in the trash.

Please to have safe travels.

xoox jen/mff

Carole said...

Dear Chris and Jen, You are in KTM by now and probably very busy with all the socials that are planned. Have fun and take care. The pictures are wonderful, and the blog has been great.

Love and prayers. M

Irwin and Ruth said...

Enjoy the visiting as you see many dear friends. Extend our best to them. It will be interesting to hear updates. And I have to ask, do the bats still inhabit the trees on that one street? As always, you are in our thoughts. Stay safe and well.